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In the Beginning

Houston's journey began when Nv Srs De Sade and Wong had a chance meeting with Srs Sir V'n Up Lashes and Frida Lay who were emceeing for a charity auction at Houston's Ripcord Bar. An idea was conceived and at that time, it was decided that Houston was in need of a Sisterhood of its own. After many conversations and Skype calls, in September 2015, we manifested for the very first time not knowing what to expect, but once we hit the streets we knew the city was excitied and ready for the light and joy that only crazy white-faced, bearded Nuns covered in glitter could bring. In October we had our very first commUnity meeting addressing Houston's needs, finding our place and discovering what rolls we could play in enriching our city. Everyone who was on board voted to officaly start the organization, officers were placed, and plans for our commUnity debut started taking place. From that moment until our official "coming out" on November 6, 2015, we gained ten prospective members and a DFW missionary who had moved to Houston. And our journey began.

The Journey

The Houston Sisters continued to press on with the goal of becoming an established House and a noted force in the commUnity. We all began finding ourselves and manifesting our personas, watching every single video, pod cast and documentary on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, toutorials on how to do white face, and the rich Sistory that began in 1979. Watching all this made us realize we had some massive and stunning shoes to fill. With guidance from Sisters in San Antiono, Austin, Dallas, around the U.S., and even some from international Houses, we began to establish our house, our mission and our team's vision. And yes, we have made many mistakes and done some things completely backwards. LOL. But through it all, we have found what works for our team, our city and our ministry. Some will say we're still doing it wrong or going against the "rules", but that's okay. We know our commUnity, we know ourselves, and we know our mission. We have not only grown as individuals, but we have found our voices, values and calling. The Journey has been long, it has been tough, and it has been stressful, but we will never stop manifesting, laughing, smiling, dancing, being weird and gross, and we'll never forget why on November, 6, 2015 we locked arms and pledged to fulfill our mission and follow our calling.  In March of 2016, Sister De Sade lost his mother after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. At that point Sisters De Sade and Wong stepped away from the Houston Sisters for an unknown amount of time to grieve and process what had happened. The leadership roles were reassigned and the house continued moving forward. Unfortunately, during April and May the house stood still--events were cancelled, manifesting ceased. Faced with the amount of work and time required to keep the House afloat, members walked away from ministry. The ones who remained were smiply lost on what to do next. Remembering the vows taken on November 6th, Sisters Pica Boo and LaMina, refusing to allow the house to flicker and die, continued meeting consistently. They kept the house above water and commUnity relationships intact. In a time of great need, as if the Nuns of above were sending a blessing of their own, Sisters Wong and De Sade reached out and informed the Houston Sisters of their return. The timing was perfect. The House regained its fire, commitments were being honored and manifestations became a priority again. Eight members strong, The Houston Sisters have gotten their second wind, and have taken off running and working non-stop in the commUnity.     

The Here & Now

We have been manifesting constantly, getting our name out, and spreading much needed light and joy within the LGBTQIA and Straight commUnities. We have seen many people come into the order but leave soon after, once they realized the hard work, time, teamwork, selfless and praiseless service it takes to be a Sister and/or Guard. Even so, it has made us so much stronger and capable of dealing with anything that comes our way. We have had people join for selfish and attention seeking reasons. As a team, we were forced to remove members to protect the mission and valuses of our house, and despite rumors started by one disgruntled ex-memeber, we are 100% welcoming to all bio females, Lesbians and Transgendered applicants. We pledge to actively seek out and welcome into our fold anyone who proves to be a good fit regardless of race, sex, sexual identity or gender identity. It's a hard thing to remove a person in a volunteer organization, but division, drama, ill will and selfishness have no place in a group devoted to spreading Peace, Love and universal Joy. As we move forward, we choose not to dwell on the lows, shade, drama and rumors in the past. Our focus is on the future. With all the hard work from our core team members we have become a loved, respected and charished Organization in Houston. We have made dozens of allies around the city who are standing proudly with us, and working with us to fulfill our Mission and uphold our vows as we strive to illuminate the darkness in our world.

The Future.....

We are constantly networking and establishing strong permanent relationships with multiple LGBTQIA & Ally health clinics, news outlets, pharmacies, churches, bars, clubs, schools, city officials and support groups, with a goal of building a Multi-orgainzational Coalition with representatives from every commUnity in the city. We do this with one goal in mind--unification. Houston needs people who are willing to help unify our commUinty, rebuild burned bridges, end infighting, inner-commUnity bigotry, intolerance, and bullying of misunderstood, disregarded people. The city of Houston is the fourth largest city in the USA. It is extremely diverse, and there is a lot of work to be done. The Houston Sisters will be that united force of white-faced, goofball, bearded Nuns in 6-inch heels that will uhser in the light. 

August 15th, 2016
After 10 months of hard work, sacrifice and pounds of gillter on August 15, 2016 the Houston Sisters along with the Sister House in Memphis, Tennessee came up for vote with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence INC's UNPC, both Houses were voted in as Mission Houses of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! needless to say the champagne was flowing and excitment overwhelming that night, One of our Orders biggest dream's had finally came true. In a statement posted online to the commUinty the Sisters wrote "It is with great joy and humility that the Houston Sisters announce that we are officially a Mission House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!. All of our perseverance and determination over the past 10 months ha paid off. We are so grateful for our brothers and sisters in the commUinty who extended faith, guidance and support along the way. We would be remiss if we didn't offer a special thank you to the Sisters who have aided us on our journey: Unity, Faegala, T'Keela, Sir V'n and Frida. In true Sister fashion, the Houston Sisters Order of the Bayou City look forword to bringing light and joy to our little corner of the world. Glitter Kisses!" We realize the reseving Mission Status in SPI only signifies the real begining of our work and with the addition of 4 aspirants we cuntinue building our Order and manifesting in the commUnity.  
Peace, love and endless glitter kisses
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